Rachel Asbridge


My husband Stephen is my best friend! We've been married for 11 years and share four wild and handsome boys Nathan, Noah, Nevan, and Nolan. We enjoy living in the country where we raise our boys, chickens, and sometimes sheep!  

Growing up in Wyoming I was fortunate to see many of our breathtaking landscapes on long hikes and fishing trips with my parents. I enjoy those same activities with my own family today!  We love to go fishing, hiking, mountain biking, and camping. I also like to sew and read in the spare time I have.

Professionally, I work on Labor and Delivery as an OB Scrub Tech, and love taking care of other people's loved ones the hours I'm away from my own. It is a treasure being a caretaker of my family and home as a wife and mother, and I find great joy serving others in my healthcare career. 

As your 2017 Mrs Wyoming, I look forward to using my crown and title to strive to be of great service to my home; "Forever west, like no  place on earth ...  Wyoming".

If you are thinking of being the lucky lady I crown as my successor in 2018, Go For it , if I would not have taken the first step, I would have missed a once in a lifetime opportunity