Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need pageant experience?
Absolutely not! Many of the contestants have not competed in a pageant before and have won the Mrs. Wyoming crown on their first attempt and others have competed more than once. Winning the Mrs. Wyoming title is about being yourself and being the best you can be! Anyone can win the crown!  Also, as a State Finalist, you are entitled to a free training session with the State Director to go over wardrobe, practice interview skills, walking and/or discuss any questions you may have. We at the Mrs. Wyoming Pageant are here for you! 

Does my age or height affect if I will win?
No, there are no requirements for age or height. Mrs. Wyoming contestants have ranged in age from 19- 62 and have varied in heights from 4’8” to 5’11”. 

Why should I enter the Mrs. Wyoming Pageant?
The Mrs. Wyoming Pageant is a rewarding and exciting 
competition that recognizes Wyoming's married women and is the official state preliminary to the Mrs. America Pageant, the premier pageant and only nationally televised pageant for married women. Mrs. Wyoming will join 50 other state winners at the prestigious national Mrs. America Pageant. Competing for the title is an incredible and once in a lifetime experience. It is a time to pamper yourself, of self-discovery and meeting new friends. So enter today and become a part of the Mrs. Wyoming  Pageant family! 

I do not have any children, are having children a requirement?
It is not a requirement whether or not you have children. There have been Mrs. Wyoming and Mrs. 
America winners who did not have children.

Is there a fee to enter?
Yes there is an entry fee. We encourage you to obtain sponsorships to cover all your pageant expenses so you should not have to pay for any costs out of your personal finances. Sponsors love to help and they receive recognition in the official program book.  Your community will be honored to offer support, after all you are representing them in the Mrs. Wyoming Pageant! If you need tips on how to obtain sponsors, we have helpful instructions, just give us a call. 

Is talent a part of the competition?
There is no talent competition. There are three 
areas of competition: evening gown, swimsuit (one piece and pantyhose are recommended) and interview. 

Is community service required?
You are not judged on community service work although as a local titleholder, if you want to 
have fun with your title, go for it!  The Mrs. Wyoming Pageant feels that married women contribute to the community by virtue of the many roles they carry. 

As the new Mrs. Wyoming, do I win a prize package?
The winner of the Mrs. Wyoming crown will win the following  prize package valued at over $8,000.:  the official Mrs. Wyoming crown, sash , an all expense paid trip to the national Mrs. America Pageant, a weekend getaway for two, official photo shoot , makeup, clothing , jewelry, and an opportunity of a lifetime!  .

State Preliminary to Mrs. America
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